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Aloha Peace Project Logo

Aloha Peace Project Logo

Our logo is a picture of the world showing the Hawaiian Islands. A child’s hand made into a peace dove is reaching for the islands illustrating that the children will be the ones to bring peace to the world. As Gandhi said, “If we are to have world peace, it must begin with the children.”




What’s different and wonderful about the Aloha Peace Project?

  • It is offered free of charge
  • No teacher or counselor planning time is required
  • Activities are unique and fun with age appropriate learnings
  • Understanding builds from year to year
  • It is accepted by educators and spread on its own merits

Want to learn more about the Aloha Peace Project?

If you or your group would like to schedule a visit from the Aloha Peace Project, provide funding, volunteer your services or learn more about The Peace Project opportunities, please call the Program Director, Laura Taylor, at 808-826-6567...

or email the Project by clicking here.

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What is the Aloha Peace Project?

Interactive activities, exhibits and training programs that teach children about peace in their everyday lives and the wider world.

The children engage in fun exercises that develop their social thinking and help them deal with conflicts. They get practice at handling their emotions and learn peaceful values while playing together in a creative environment.

What does the Peace Project do?

The Aloha Peace Project helps thousands of Kauai children to:

  • Respect themselves and others
  • Be aware of, appreciate, and talk about feelings
  • Be empathetic with others and their special situations
  • Stop and think of peaceful solutions before reacting aggressively
  • Work cooperatively, recognizing the value of each person to make a difference
  • Talk to others, especially supervising adults, about difficult problems
  • Be proactive in rousing the power of the majority against bullies

How does it work?

When the Peace Project visits a school we teach:

Peace For Me: Children discover the beauty within themselves. This is where peace begins. We explore self-esteem, emotions and everything that makes each individual unique.

Peace For Us: Creating peace in the daily relationships of family and friends. We stress cooperation, with respect for all. Specific techniques are taught for conflict resolution, mediation and communication.

Peace For Everyone: Peace for all people in the world. The children learn about other ways of living and the values of other cultures. They examine possibilities for peace between diverse groups of people.

Peace For The Planet: Expands the concept of peace to caring for the planet. Respect for animals, plants and the natural world as a whole is explored. Ecology and the effect of natural resouces on peace throughout the earth are investigated.

Where does it happen?

The Peace Project currently works in schools on Kauai. We begin with very young children and build their understanding each year.

Preschool through fifth grade develop peacemaking skills. These skills encourage them to explore ideas for building a peaceful world.

What are the mission and goals of the project?

To help children to:

  • Feel free to try and try again and thus succeed
  • Be welcomed and treated with respect
  • Hear the language of love
  • Learn through personal experience
  • Have fun learning the lessons of peace
  • Receive loving support and assistance
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Learn the skills they need to become peacemakers


How much does it cost?

It's FREE!

Project services are provided through grants, donations, and caring volunteers.